Lynze Ballay

Lynze Ballay
Onboarding Specialist  

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I am an outsourced head of learning for startups and growing brands. As a learning specialist, I plug into your team to create global programs for your employees that increase engagement.


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People are companies’ most important assets. With the rise of technology and the information age, today more companies compete based primarily on their employees.

The ultimate success of your workforce begins with the impact of your employee onboarding program.

Employees who participate in a structured onboarding program are 69% more likely to stay with an organization for 3 years.

Smartly designed onboarding programs are unique to your business, your goals, and your budget.

A tailored onboarding plan:

  • Increases employee engagement

  • Reduces voluntary quits

  • Decreases time to become fully effective

  • Saves thousands in turnover costs

On average, companies lose 17% of their new hires during the first three months.

Companies with the most successful retention and engagement rates know that onboarding is a key distinguisher to their business success.  




I create talked about onboarding programs that result in faster quota retainment and greater employee productivity and satisfaction.

I’ve partnered with companies at all stages of growth from rapidly expanding mid-cap software startups to established multinationals with needs across multiple emerging markets.

  • Startups of all sizes come to me when they want to build progressive onboarding programs that ramp employees faster, transmit culture, and support retention. Typically, I'll partner with a fast-growing startup that needs a strong onboarding experience but does not yet have an in-house learning team.
  • Established brands look to me to develop custom onboarding paths for business units and 90 day programs for employees relocating internationally.

I’ll work as an interim head of learning or side-by-side with a human resources / talent lead as a thought partner to help generate an onboarding strategy and execute on a program.



Lynze bring a tremendous passion to her projects. She fundamentally altered our onboarding process for the better of the business and the employees.
— Kate Lavender, PMI Director Digital Media
As far as expertise goes, Lynze proved herself to be extremely well-versed in Instructional Design, Adult Learning theory, as well as Talent Management. I cannot overstate the extent to which Lynze completely understood what it took to create a world-class learning organization.
— Fahim Adams, Facebook Learning Partner
Lynze is a globally-minded strategic thinker. She is a passionate, smart, caring, and highly skilled leader to work with.
— David Feasey, Director of Learning Infrastructure


I am an independent learning consultant and advisor to startups and growing brands. 

Most recently, I was the Area Vice President for Sprinklr, a rapidly expanding mid-cap software company that experienced employee growth of 2400% in my first three years.

As the company's first learning and development leader, I created a customized framework to onboard and up-skill over 1,100 new and acquired employees that resulted in a 98% induction approval rating. I also led a team of 20+ professionals in designing future-thinking company programs across talent development, learning, and retention. 

I have an established reputation as a vibrant go-getter and thoughtful trailblazer with a passion for creating global programs that elevate and impact organizations. 

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Onboarding is an art. Each new employee brings a potential to achieve and succeed. To lose the energy of a new hire through poor onboarding is an opportunity lost.
— Sarah Wetzel, engage:BDR